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How to maintain my car

ByCarolyne Mwende

Jan 18, 2024
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To maintain your car:

1. **Regular Oil Changes:** Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule.


2. **Check Fluid Levels:** Regularly check and top up engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid.


3. **Tire Care:** Keep tires properly inflated, rotate them regularly, and check the alignment.


4. **Brake Inspection:** Monitor brake performance and replace brake pads as needed.


5. **Battery Check:** Inspect the battery for corrosion, and ensure it’s securely in place. Replace it if necessary.


6. **Air Filter Replacement:** Replace air filters at recommended intervals to ensure efficient engine performance.


7. **Inspect Belts and Hoses:** Look for signs of wear or damage, and replace them if needed.


8. **Lights and Wipers:** Regularly check and replace burnt-out bulbs, and inspect wiper blades for effectiveness.


9. **Clean and Protect:** Wash your car regularly to prevent rust and apply wax to protect the paint.


10. **Follow Service Manual:** Adhere to your car’s service manual for specific maintenance guidelines.


Regular maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and keeps your car running smoothly.

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